English Learning Activities

Here you can play some Phonics games to support your child’s learning in early reading. It is split up into phases so you can work through the sounds at your own pace.​

Spelling, Punctuation and Phonics
This is a fantastic website which has been split up into different age groups so your child can access their level of learning. On this website you can play games related to; phonics, punctuation, words and spelling, learning to read and stories.

English activities
This is another fantastic website full of game related to reading, writing, spelling, grammar and punctuation. There is such a great range of activities which will keep your child busy for hours!​


Amazing Spelling Fleas
How many words can you complete before the clock runs out?!


Can you help the princess get out of her tower by spelling the words correctly?


Dance Mat Typing
Practise your typing skills with this great website


Bite Size Pages
Various Literacy Bite Size Pages


Verbs in Space
Whack the right robots


Travelling Pronouns
Complete the sentences and beat your best!


Spelling Match
Match the words with the meanings