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Early Years

Understanding of the world

In the Early Years at St. Mary’s Primary School, Understanding The World involves hands-on experiences and role-playing that allow students to develop a deep understanding of the world around them. We do this by visiting places such as local parks, libraries, churches and theatres. The children also have opportunities to meet members of our local community and have hands-on experiences learning about what they do to help the community. These people include; fire fighters, nurses, paramedics and police officers.

Children are then given role playing outfits and toys that allow them to re-enact and further develop their understanding of the world around them and the many jobs and responsibilities of people in our community.

At St. Mary’s we value the importance of Early reading and writing. Therefore, when teaching Understanding of the World, children are given many opportunities to read and be read to. This ensures that children are able to build comprehension and vocabulary skills to further understand and explain the world in which they live.

During this time children are also given opportunities to draw, mark make and write to develop their fine motor and writing skills. We emphasise this to allow our children to be able to communicate their ideas and understanding in a range of ways.


In The Early Years at St. Mary's we enjoying exploring through play. After learning time, children enjoy learning through continuos provisions, which are set up to allow students to consolidate their understanding of topics learnt in class. 

School Prayer

Lunch Time Prayer

Home Time Prayer

We thank you for our school, staff, children one and all. We pray Lord that you be at our centre, our guide, our tutor and our mentor. Help us to work hard in our learning, be good friends, be fair and caring, to be the very best we can in all we do and say, growing together in your love and care each day.



Bless us O Lord

As we sit together,

Bless the food

We eat today,

Bless the hands that make our food,

Bless us O Lord.



At the end of the day just kneel and say, thank you Lord for my work and play. I've tried to be good, I know that I should. That's my prayer at the end of the day.




Physical Education in Early Years

At St Mary's, we believe physical education to be paramount to a child's learning and development, helping the child to develop holistically and go on to lead happy and active lives. 

Children's fine and gross motor skills begin in our nursery, where they are encouraged to join in with sensory experiences and activities which promote the child's strength, co-ordination and self-awareness through their play and learning.

In the EYFS, children are provided with opportunities to play both indoors and outdoors, giving them the chance to develop their strength, stability and balance through play.  Twice weekly PE sessions take place within the curriculum with Fulham Football Club coaches and Early Years teachers.


Weekly Gymnastics sessions

The Reception children have been enjoying participating in weekly gymnastics sessions and learning essential gross motor skills.


Visits from members of the community

In the Early Years, children experience a hands-on approach to learning. This is essential in ensuring that children can develop a strong Understanding of the World. Here are some experiences children have had this year to ensure they develop a strong sense of understanding of some people in our community who help us and how they do this (see Geography page for more information).

Fire Brigade visit

Police Department visit

Nurse/Paramedic visit and Role-play

Reception learning spaces

Our inside and outside learning spaces are set up with continuous provision of current learning. This means that we create fun and exciting opportunities for the children based on the concepts we are learning in the classroom each week.

Nursery learning spaces

Shared EYFS outdoor spaces