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At St Mary’s we aim to provide a Geography curriculum which inspires pupil’s curiosity and encourages pupils to develop a greater understanding about our world and its people. We aim to equip the pupils with knowledge about diverse places, different cultures, resources and natural and human environments. Pupils will be given opportunities to develop their knowledge about the world, which should provide them with a deeper understanding of physical and human processes and the formation and use of the environment.  We aim to provide pupils with a growing knowledge about the Earth’s features and how they change over time through different impacts.

At St Mary’s it is our intent to ensure children will:

  • To be enthusiastic, inquisitive, lifelong learners: through developing our pupil’s understanding that their actions impact the world that God has created; we want our pupils to develop their passion and awareness in our duty to care for the world that God has created for us.
  • To be strong communicators: through opportunities to discuss their thoughts and opinions regarding the world and by modelling relevant language and vocabulary to encourage speaking and listening. We want our pupils to be able to speak confidently about issues within our world and to be able to express how they can make a difference for future generations.
  • To be well-rounded, independent and resilient learners with aspirations: through using their problem-solving skills to promote their moral, social and cultural development. We want our pupils to participate in intelligent debates where they express their opinions on issues affecting our world.
  • To develop and use their God given talents by being creative: through expressive opportunities involving pupil’s interpretations about places in the world (paintings, poetry, music.) We aim to provide pupils with the chance to use their imagination in relation to geographical situations and to engage in critical thinking in which they examine topics and problems related to various environments and locations across the world.
  • To be responsible citizens who are eager to make a positive contribution to their community and wider society: by developing their knowledge of current situations within the world and understanding their impact and towards this. We want our pupils to have the ability to adapt to the variety of changes in the environment.

Earth Day

As a school, we dedicate time to learning about what Earth Day is and the importance of this day. We do a range of activities where the children learn why it is important to care for the Earth and why we need to work as a community to do this. 

The children in KS1 wrote a pledge to help protect the planet. They also read lots of stories about how to care for the earth.

" We should pick up our rubbish and never litter" - Giovanni

" You can save the planet buy turning off the lights" - Naod


Geography topic: Spatial Sense 

The children across the school created a project related to their learning in Geography for the topic Spatial Sense. We also held an exhibition to showcase the wonderful projects. 


Trips and Visits 

A range of trips and visits have been organised for the children, relating to their Geography learning. These provide a fantastic opportunity for the children to have a hands-on experience, helping with their understanding of their topics and to making links with their knowledge across other areas of their learning. These workshops are led by an amazing company – Urbanwise London. 

Year 1 and Year 2 trip: Mini Mappers

The children learnt about and explored their local environment. They learnt how to read different maps and symbols and created their own Brook Green map using sticks, grass, rocks, acorns.