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At St Mary’s we aim for our children to be confident and knowledgeable historians, who develop their knowledge, skills and understanding in History through the engaging and high-quality curriculum that we offer. We strive to ignite pupil’s inquisitiveness about the history of Britain and the wider world through our history curriculum where pupils will explore and discover: developing an understanding of how the past has impacted our future. By learning about people's lives, the process of change, the diversity of societies, and relationships between different groups, as well as their own identities and the problems of their era; our history lessons help children develop a sense of identity and an understanding of differences, uniqueness, and values.

At St Mary’s it is our intent to ensure children will:

  • To be enthusiastic, inquisitive, lifelong learners: pupils develop a strong understanding and knowledge of Britain’s past and the wider world; reflecting on the past and making meaningful links to the present day.
  • To be strong communicators: pupils will develop the appropriate use of historical terminology and use this in discussions to ask and answer questions, showing their understanding of key events.
  • To be well-rounded, independent and resilient learners with aspirations: pupils curiosity will inspire them to learn more about the past using a range of sources that enables them to think critically, ask insightful questions and infer and contextualise historical information.
  • To develop and use their God given talents by being creative: pupils will use their historical understanding and knowledge to motivate change and inspire people’s lives.
  • To be responsible citizens who are eager to make a positive contribution to their community and wider society: pupils will use their historical understanding of the past to influence their future decisions in life to become responsible citizens developing values and attitudes compatible with living in a democratic and multicultural society.

Black History Month 

During Black History Month, each class participates in activities to celebrate many of the known and unknown individuals across the world who have helped lay the foundations of today’s diverse Black Community. 

Black History Month projects

The children have created some fantastic pieces of work showcasing their knowledge of significant individuals that we remember during Black History Month. Here are some examples of the wonderful work the children have made across the school. 



Trips and Visits 

A range of trips and visits have been organised for the children, relating to their History learning. These provide a fantastic opportunity for the children to have a hands-on experience, helping with their understanding of their topics and to making links with their knowledge across other areas of their learning. These workshops are led by an amazing company – Urbanwise London

Year 2: Victorian Hammersmith

Year 2 had so much fun taking a trip around local Victorian Hammersmith led by Moya. They learnt lots of interesting facts, such as why Hammersmith Bridge was created in the Victorian times. They learnt about a boat race that happens every year on the River Thames which has happened since 1900.