Science Learning Activities


Amazing Knowledge Electrical Safety Quiz
Test your knowledge!

Dinosaur Discovery
Make predictions, use scientific equipment and perform experiments to find the answers to lots of questions about dinosaurs.


Changes In Materials
Use reversible and irreversible changes

Science Videos
Watch a variety of videos on difference science topics. Do you want to know more about the Great barrier reef or why you sweat?

Educational Science Games
You can play many different games like outracing zachbots, hunting for bugs or building your own rainforest ecosystem!

Space Place
Interactive games where you can explore Mars and send and receive information from Nasa’s robotic explorers in the solar system.

KS2 Interactive Resources
Complete some interactive activities and learn more about your science topics.

Earth Squad
Explore our planet’s habitats. Work your way from Rookie to Pro on each of the game’s habitats.

Watch and listen to astronauts on the space station read stories to you.

Galaxy Pugs
Help the pugs observe Earth’s animals, learn how to grow plants, study the human body, experiment with materials and much more!

Savannah Food Chain Challenge
Explore the interactive scene, build your own food chain and watch films from the BBC archive.

Tundra Food Chain Challenge
Can you find the different food chains in a tundra habitat?